4870x2 latest comparison to 5970

has anyone seen a comparison benchmark comparing the 4870x2 with the 5970 in like crysis for example or any other game?
Ive seen artilces on here talking about the best card for the money of christmas 09 or whatnot..

reason I ask is because I still see the 4870x2 being sold for a pretty steep price of $400 some depending on the site..well actually that was the list price on pricewatch
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  1. thanks for the link..
    I see the 4870x2 trailing behind by what looks to be 20 some fps..
    I wonder how a quadfire setup would hold up against the 5970
  2. The 4870x2 is comparable to the HD5870. Two HD5870's in CrossfireX is comparable to a single HD5970.
  3. any idea how two 4870x2 would hold up to the 5970?
  4. It probably wouldn't be far off, though it would use more power and be somewhat less consistent.
  5. HD4870x2 looses out on the performance, but also on the power consumption and the heat produced is very high. Plus no DX11. So why go for a HD4870x2.
  6. Palait one's are there for 27k.
    All the others will be around this, plus - minus 1000 INR.
  7. if not 4870x2, what gc is good rite now in terms for nice value and not so epensive but good quality
  8. ^^HD5850.
  9. 5870 1 GB would be the same as the Sapphire Vapor-X Cooling HD 5870 right ? Whats a good FPS for 1900 by 1200 ? I'm hoping to run Battlefield BC 2 on that resolution. ----- Wow the Hd 5970 kicks some serious ass :sol:
  10. D_ii_4_I3_L_o said:
    5870 1 GB would be the same as the Sapphire Vapor-X Cooling HD 5870 right ?

    No. The Vapor-X version would cost you more.
  11. Gives you better cooling & usually an overclock though.
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