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I have an older acer its an am 110 with BE-2300 duo chipset..When i get into the Bios, it doesnt give me a full menu of chipset optins and specs.. any ideas why? and how i can get into them to over clock this . its been a decent computer , but its running a bit slower than the new laptops i have.lol.so before i buy a new desktop, id like to try speeding this one up a bit..Thanks
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  1. OEM computers such as ones made by Acer, Dell, HP etc. have locked BIOSes so that the customer cannot overclock (they want the computer to be as outdated as quickly as possible, and also it prevents them from being blamed by customers for allowing them to screw up their PC or something). It would probably be a big risk anyway seeing as they use power supplies which wouldn't handle any extra load.
  2. Agree with meow, also some mobo's have a key sequence when in the BIOS to show menus not ordinarily shown like overclocking options.

    Also I am not sure overclocking would yield much with this setup. And I wouldn't try overclocking that CPU on the stock heatsink anyway. That is a low wattage, budget CPU and the retail heatsink I am sure is woefully inadequate for pushing clock speeds.

    Add to that the fact that you have only 1MB of cache on your CPU, and overclocking even if you could do it would not give a great performance boost..

    If you weren't nervous about doing your own upgrades, I found a combo on newegg for a CPU and mobo for under $90:

    There are other combos on that page as well. The CPU is a 65Watt model which should fit in the power envelope of your current power supply. However you should check the dimensions of the Biostar board to ensure it will fit in your case.
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