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Hello, I am a bit green here so bear with me.
I have one of the more rare S939 amd 64 3400s Front side bus all that. now, Is there a better chip in that family (64 seris) that will retrofit that board (ASUS Amberine M) for better gaming. The Graphics card I am using is the stock ATI Xpress 200. It is fair card, but I need more. I have heard these systems do no like OC at all. Essentially what is the fastest chip I can put in here without to much invasive work. along with a Graphics card that will work with it. I would like to keep it under the price of a new system since id like to get a second PC later on in the new Phenom series. Much appreciated.
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  1. The 939's are dead and gone mate, sorry. The cost of an FX60 which was the fastest one IIRC is so beyond what a new system would cost that it's not worth entertaining. If you can find a 939 on ebay or such chances are it will have had the snot OC'd out of it. Time for a new system I would say.
  2. You can get a dual core chip on eBay, until recently dual core socket 939 chips were insanely priced, but now you can get a 4200 X2 chip or so. The FX-60 is still way too expensive though, about the cost of a cheap dual core, motherboard, and new RAM. Of course, even the cheapest dual core chips you can get today are still faster than that. As for the onboard graphics, it's pathetic for today's games. Even a cheap Radeon 4350 will be a heck of alot faster.
  3. The 4400+ (2 X 1MB cache) dual core CPU is the way to go.

    Run the FSB up to 220 and odds are you wont have to increase the core voltage or chift the HT multi from 5 to 4 ...

    That gives you 4800+ speed - 2.4Ghz which is a nice upgrade from the single core you have.

    An FX60 runs at 2.6Ghz and that is the end of the line for the 939 ...

    Try E-Bay or whatnot.

    Be careful you don't buy a Socket 940 AM2 Cpu by mistake ... so check.

  4. What do you use the system for and what budget do you have? You should also list full specs and tell us where you live as well. Once we have the pieces we can give you advice. S939 is pretty dead however, so minor upgrades only.
  5. Im sooo sorry about that guys
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  8. Ok nic ... to answer the second half of your question ... look for a 9600GT card ... plenty powerful for your system, and a good price.

    Check Don's Graphics Card ranking system here:

    For the latest recommendations for the price check here:

    Anything faster will be a bit of a waste really ... unless you plan to upgrade soon, and want to keep the card for the new mobo / cpu / ram combo.

    You should be able to get an X2 4400+ for $40 or less second hand.

    Cheers and good luck.
  9. Thanks folks! :bounce: I really appreciate the good advice!
  10. AGP? I have PCI X16 slots unless I was Unaware that AGP and PCI were compatible
  11. I have a spare socket 939 Athlon 64 X2 4800+. it has never been overclocked. I had to have the machine rebuilt when the board failed. I now have a intel q6600 system (which I have overclocked slightly). I live in the uk.
  12. It will support the X2's and is a PCI-E board so a 9600GT will be fine.

    I can't get into the ASUS site (its flooded at present) to check if that model is one of those dreaded locked Bios jobs though ... some of them would not allow you to raise the FSB.

    Since it supports the 4200+ it will do the 44, 46, and 48, as well as the FX.

    Hope this helps nic
  13. yeah guys it is a locked BIOS. however, ClockGen has....Helped...somewhat.
    However, If you want to know the board it is a amberine M socket 939 Venice.
    3400+ Oh joy...it just reached 1 GHz ....It's really blazing now. :whistle:
    the FSB is at 1070 (according to CG) and FSB is at 214 SisSandra says that the board can take a better CPU.I have not looked at the HP site yet to see if it is an upgrade option. BTW if any of you care...I did see an fx-60 on ebay for $38 bucks....however the one under it was like 600.

    Thanks a lot guys! :sol:
  14. Cheers nic ... keep us posted once you have transplanted the new CPU in.

    Good luck.
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