Enough radiators?

Hey guys,

Interested in going triple sli when the new GTX 680 Classified HC cards hit the market and am currently doing my research on my FIRST watercooling build and figured I could use some help.

I've already placed an order for a Silverstone TJ11 and I should be getting a call when the importer gets them.

Anyway, I am currently thinking that a single Swiftech MCP655 variable (FrozenCPU mod with G1/4 thread ports) and combining it with an XSPC EX560 and an XSPC EX280 rad in the basement and a Black ICE GT Stealth (X flow).

Will these 3 radiators provide enough cooling for triple sli and an 3930k? I'll mainly be using a VERY modest overclock, a 3.8-4GHz OC for the 3930k maximum.

As for my budget, I'd set it around $850-$900 for everything (fittings, rads, res, pump, tubing, fans).

tl;dr - 560 slim + 280 slim + 120fat rad enough to cool triple sli + 3930k?

EDIT : I realized after rereading my post, that what I'm asking is a little herpaderp. Would a 560 (slim)+280 (slim)+120 (fat) rad combo be enough to cool a GTX 680 triple sli + 3930k with a modest OC?
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  1. I think you can cool your parts with one radiator.


    Four of these fans;


    If your doing a single loop then you will only need the one radiator and this one is a monster soit will cool the three cards and the cpu.
    I had a dual loop setup and was cooling three GTX 580's Hydro copper 2 3gb cards from Evga in on loop with a 480 standard radiator and an Intel 980X cpu and 24 gb of ram on the second loop with a 360 standard radiato. The cpu was overclocked to 4.2 ghz and the temps neve got above 50c on any part in my computer.
    This Monsta radiator is almost the size of two radiators sandwiched together.
  2. You can find out by getting the TDP of your cards and your processor. That is basically the amount of heat they put out in wattage. This can usually be done by google searching "GTX 680 TDP"; I know my gtx 580 puts out 244. Once you know the TDP of all 4 components add them together. Then look for a radiator that can dissipate about that much heat. TDP is measured at 100% load, so if the rad is a little under your total TDP it will suffice.
  3. @inzone

    I was thinking of using an ultra fat rad for the basement, but if I go ultrafat, a 560 rad becomes 480 because one of the fans will be nearly flush against the PSU. I was looking at 260 and 280 slims so I could maximize the basement area.


    That's a great idea, I'll take a look at that.
  4. Because your not overclocking the cpu very much and not the video cards at all then the 480 Monsta radiator would be sufficient , I'm not sure that you quite understand the size of this radiator. Also I have never put more than one radiator in a loop , if yo would take the time to think about what your planning you will see that for one your asking an awful lot of the pump to pump the liquid through three radiators , three video cards , the cpu and into and out of the resivoir. If you are going to insist on doing that then you will have to get two pumps.
    There is another post here that shows the radiator I'm talking about.

  5. Watercooling is based on TDP of each component, those radiators are PLENTY for your needs.
  6. @inzone

    I knew of that, thats why my pump will either be an MP35X2 or MP655-B x2. Still figuring out the loop at the moment, but its hard to visualize right now when the importer still can't find a case for me...
  7. What are your current choices for a case or are you just looking at the Silverstone TJ11.
  8. ONLY the TJ11.
  9. That case is big and I thought that the HAF-X case was gig when I got it and it was bigger then the Silverstone Tj9 that I had. I like when a case has that extra space on the bottom for putting radiators in there.
  10. The question/asnwer of the original post is covered in great depth in the sticky including 'how to find out'.
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