Will Upgrading To Windows Vista Mess Up My Recovery?

so basically, before windows start booting, theres something like "Press F9 To Launch Recovery Tools", if i upgrade xp to vista, will that be messed up?(provided that i dont install it at the same partition as the recovery data
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  1. It shouldn't, but if your system came with XP, then your recovery partition would reinstall XP and you'd have to reinstall Vista.

    You could always send a quick email to the support address for whomever made your computer to get a more definitive answer. Since it's basically a yes or no answer, and shouldn't take more than a few minutes, I wouldn't expect that they'd play the "your system is no longer supported" card.
  2. so basically, they will say my system is not supported to get money?
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    Most tech support take the whole warranty time limit seriously, but as has been pointed out, it's a very basic question, so they'll probably answer it. However, from past experience, as I have upgraded and then had to use recovery, it'll reinmstall XP. Clean install won't screw up anything and upgrade should only change the C: drive so no, it shouldn't screw up the recovery partition.
  4. prolim123 said:
    so basically, they will say my system is not supported to get money?

    Quite the opposite. I'm saying that since it is a simple question, even if the system is years out of warranty, they will probably still answer it for you.
  5. oh cool thanks
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