Bios doesn't reconize harddrives over 1TB

I have a acer am7720 Intel Core I7 920 2.66GHz. It came with 1 TB hard drive. I have tried 2 different hard drives one was a 1.5TB and the other 2TB. Both drives were not recognized at all in the bios or in vista. one was not formatted (couldn't see it) so I formatted it in a other machine and still couldn't see it. (I'm using the 1.5 and 2 TB in the enclosures and they work fine)

I installed a 650GB and a 1TB and they work great. But I really would like to use larger harddrives. What do I have to do to get larger hard drives to work? I called acer but they were of no use what so ever.
I have read (somewhere out there) that others were having the same problems and one thought is was the motherboard just didn't except anything over 1TB. Which seems to be true.

What kind of %$# motherboard did acer put in these things... I didn't get any paper work saying what motherboard it has or anything.

Well I am hoping someone knows what the problem is and can help me.

Thanks and your knowledge is greatly appreciated.
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    Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    That's true. The mobos that use DELL, ACER, HP aren't high quality so don't wait a great performance and features for that mobos.
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  3. decisions, decisions which was the best answer? Both were good.
    I would like to thank you both and I do appreciate your answers. I believe I know what bios I have but not 100%. I hate to flash and do in my computer, since I have never done it before. I guess I'll wait until I decide I'm getting another Motherboard then I will have nothing to lose. I might try the software as the link suggested but I have a feeling it won't work. Thanks again!!
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