Unlocking an OEM mobo?

Mobo: MCP61PM-HM (Nettle3)
Chipset: nForce 430.
I want to unlock my bios, or at least be able to control my voltages. I have experience with overclocking via bios;however, I am currently stuck with this current setup.

I am not looking to upgrade, so please don't tell me to.
I will upgrade later on, but for now I am fine with my current setup. :]
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  1. You cant unlock a BIOS unless there is an update for that BIOS that unlocks it. So if you want to OC, well...... You know.
  2. MCP61PM-HM worse mobo .. can't oc
  3. Yeah, I expected as much. I was hoping there was some kind of info on modded/hacked bios. :[

    I can overclock, because the nforce chip allows it. But sadly, I can't change the voltages to make the OC stable.
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