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Raid 10, auto recover hard drive?

December 25, 2011 6:46:15 PM


I am a novice with Raid so I would like some advices on how to restore a disk

I have a 4x 32Gb hard drives. After creating a Raid 10 and instaling the windows server 2003
its working very good.

After what I read raid 10 is a very good choice to prevent loosing files.

thats why I did a test.

Loaded windows, then take out 1 drive. Windows stills working fine.
Then i installed a program and inserted the Hard drive back again, (the hard drive light started to blink, while 3 others are turned on and blinking only while loading files or something.)

So I restarted the PC hoping it auto recovers the data to match with the 2 drives that are working good together.
but after the windows is loaded, the HD still blinking so its not linked with his other HD.

How can i restore that drive?
It was a test, what if for real 1 drive fails and i have another one to replace it, will I restore it the same way as I have to do with this test?