Upgrading my VGA but need a last advice

Hello there,

This is my current system>>
Gigabyte GA-EP31-DS3L v1
Core 2 Duo E7300, 2666 MHz (using stock HSF)
2x2gb Micron DDR2 800MHz

I want to upgrade my VGA to ATI HD 5770 1gb GDDR5..

Would my poor little E7300 CPU be able to handle it or would it Bottleneck it?

I have a 19" screen so I usually play games at 1440x900 but my 8600GT is really ruining my Mass Effect experience..

I know that my specs are low but that's all I was able to afford a year ago, I will buy a new system next year for at least 2000$ but till then I need to live with this 1..

Any thoughts or comments?
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  1. Thank you very much :) Finally some1 have given me a direct answer..

    If I upgraded the CPU to Q9400 along with the vga, how much would that effect the performance with C2Q games?? I already played GTA IV but had to use very low resolution and settings, Haven't played Crysis yet cause I just didn't waste such a great game with low resolution and setting..
  2. You might want to read this THG article on building a balanced PC with a lot of charts showing the impact of upgrading either or both CPU and Graphics card. Since you mentioned the GTA, I linked to the page showing that test:


    Note that the two closest CPUs to the ones you are considering are the E6300 and Q9550 so you will have to interpolate a little, but you can see the substantail gains from increasing the CPU. Also the 5770 is not in the sample - it should fall about midway between the 4850 and 4890 - very similar to the GTX-260.


    I think you should consider getting a good video card now - even if you don't upgrade the CPU - because you can simply move it to your new system - and maybe later pair it with another card for even faster perfomance.

    However if you want a stopgap card now, Fry's has a great sale on a BFG GTS 250 1GB graphics card for only $99.


    If you stick with the nVidia line, it could also make a great Physx card later.
  3. Any concern about PSU size here? OP if you could post PSU specs so it is confirmed that you have enough to handle the card and overclock.
  4. Thank you guys very much for your detailed suggestions and inputs, I will definitely keep in mind all what you said when I upgrade in the next few days.

    I guess I shouldn't spend much money right now upgrading this old rig other than the GPU since I will only use it for just 1 more year then will get a new i7 system with 5970 or whatever is better 1 year from now.
  5. rolli59 said:
    Any concern about PSU size here? OP if you could post PSU specs so it is confirmed that you have enough to handle the card and overclock.

    Yeah, it's OCZ 500W.
  6. I sure will, I just want to be able to play ME and the upcoming ME2 with a decent resolution and settings. That's all I want.
  7. Enjoy!
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