Performance between Q9550 & i7 1366

Ok I'm thinking about upgrading to a i7 1366 920 processor from a 9550 quad 775 socket, is there much of a performance gain from 1 to the other or should a person stick with the 9550 for a while to see what the future holds.

I have MSI platinum 775 mobo, 6 gig DDR 2 1066 ram, 9550 quad, XFX 4890 1 gig memory ddr5, 64 gig ssd, & 500gig western digital black
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  1. Don't waste your money!

    Q9550 is still a very good unit and sandy bridge should be out in a year.
  2. I was kinda thinking the same this thing smokes along pretty good even not oc'd but I thought I'd see what others had to say
  3. Yep, your rig is very good and will last you at least another 2 years.
  4. Forget about i7 upgrade, Sandy Bridge will be out in a year.
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