Pentium version in core to quad

can u tell me what is pentium version in the core to quad?
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  1. What do you mean core to quad? Are you referring to the Core2Quad? I'm also not sure what you mean by Pentium version as pentium is just a name Intel uses, it's not the name of the processor architecture. Core2/Core2Quad is based on the core architecture, something much more powerful than the netburst architecture Pentium 4 used.
  2. The "Hello,\n" posters never respond...
    They also never make much sense...
  3. Shaking my crystal ball, I think he/she is asking about Pentium Dual Core.

    Pentium Dual Core is a slightly trimmed down version of the Core 2 Duo. They are built on the same architecture as the quad but only have 2 physical CPUs.
  4. It has no Pentium 'Version'

    Actually there doesn't exist a Pentium 'Version'

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