Need some clarification on choices.

Heya, I am in the process of selecting parts for my new rig, fancied moving into water cooling too but after reading countless guides, and reviews etc. I still have a few worries about fitting things into the case I've chosen. I was hoping that someone or some people could shed some light on some of the things I am still unsure about.

First things first, the build is still not finalised at this moment in time but I have a good idea of what I want to do and most of the parts I want to fit in the rig.

CPU: i7 3770k
MOBO: Maximus v Formula Z77
SSD: 128GB Samsung 830
HDD: 3 mechanical drives I already use for storage.
PSU: undecided, I have a 700w Coolermaster silent pro lying around, but will upgrade if I need to (will sort this out last)
GPU: Asus 1.28GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448-cores. (this is a GPU I already own, I shall be upgrading this in the not to distant future but not quite yet)
Case: CM Storm Stryker

Basically I am aiming to keep the system as cool and quite as possible, whilst doing a generous amount of overclocking on the CPU. Nothing too extreme but a a pretty high overclock I would guess at this stage.

Iv read that I should be able to fit a full width (60mm) rad in the top with 2 120mm fans in pull for exhaust. I have also read that I could add another 240 rad in the bottom if I should need it. I am planning on water cooling the CPU and potentially also adding the motherboard's integrated watercooling option in the loop too.

When I upgrade my GPU, to at least to a 670 if not a 7series card when they appear, I will want to include this card into the loop also. But not going to bother for my current card as its only staying for a short time.

So I guess my question is this, will one full width rad ie.XSPC RX240 with just one set of fans be sufficient for the two components at this stage or will I need a second/or larger rad. I would rather not mod the case, if I need more space ill consider a bigger case. But before it gets to that I just wanted to clarify what ill need in order to cool the system whilst keeping it quiet. and if indeed its possible to get it all in the Stryker.

Cheers in advance for any help, advice or suggestions.
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  1. Refer to my answer on a thread another user posted. The same thing applies here :)
  2. The PSU serves you well.

    Regarding the liquid cooling loop, once you build it, its a pain to add more things into it. You have to take all water out, install, put water back in, clean the mess....I sugest builidng the loop only once. Include your mobo so you dont regret later. Also, fi you can, do include as many rads as possible. Better extremlly safe then simply safe and more rads means the fans dont have to run full power, so noise reduction!

    Regarding noise, start thinking of replacing the HDD for SSD, you will be surprised when you have liquid cooling and a silent pro PSU, that HDDs actually make quite some noise.

    Your GPU is silent, great choice.

    I dunno if you alrady have your pump, but the only one I can recomend is the "swiftech mcp35x". This one has its motor PWM so you can slow it down for silence. People will say the mcp355 is silent, but thats not true. Low noise is not the same as NO NOISE. For absoltily no noise, go mcp35x
  3. Thank you both for your answers, I did find an answer about the fitting via the website so I now have that covered too.See here

    Turns out i can fit a thin 240 rad in the roof with one set of fans, and a full width 240 in the bottom still leaving the HDD bays in tact for my storage drives.

    I do not yet have any of the water cooling parts purchased so ill take a look into the mcp35x if you recommend it for being silent as that's what I am after.

    I have been looking at these radiators Nexxxos st30 240mm as a choice for the top of the case, they seem to get good reviews and good benchmarks with low RPM fans, anyone had any experience with these?

    Very tempted to stick a second rad in the bottom to make sure all bases are covered as you suggest too, either the full width version of the rad linked above or the XSPC RX Series 240mm are the two iv picked out so far.

    Any advice would be great.
  4. Sorry for double post - iv been doing some more reading and this is the watercooling setup I have drawn up so far -

    XSPC Raystorm
    XSPC EX series 240mm - for roof of case
    Alpha cool nexXxos XT45 240mm - for floor of case
    Swiftech mcp35x pwm
    Koolance TNK-501

    Are there any floors in my plan so far?
  5. what i would do is get the Cosmos II and put a 360 i think you can in the CM stormtrooper
    then get a 120 and put it like on the side or somewhere hidden
    so youll have a total of 480
  6. Is a 360 + a 120 more efficient than 2x 240 rads? Generally speaking of course.
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