Hello all,

i have a gigabyte 880gma-ud2h cant get it to even boot up. I can't figure out where I went wrong everything seems to be right.

XCLIO X14S4P3 500W ATX12V (with convertor for atx12)
4GB kit (2GBx2), 240-pin DIMM, DDR3 PC3-10600 memory module
AMD Phenom II X4 925 2.8GHz Socket AM3

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  1. Quote:
    I can't figure out where I went wrong everything seems to be right.

    Well, I don't want to upset you, but I can likely tell you your first problem - you probably sort of 'shoveled all the parts into your case at one time, hooking it all up as you went - which makes it very, very difficult to find your problem at its present stage.

    Everyone who 'builds' regularly (and all the 'stickies' on the subject) will tell you that the way you want to start is this:

    ...with your board, and the very minimum to run it, outside the case, on a non-conductive surface (someone here recently suggested a phone book - and I can't think of a better solution!), to test just the bare minimum. Then you put just those parts into the case, and test again... You then add your parts, one at a time, testing each time; takes a bit longer, but saves in infinite amount of time if something doesn't work, is hooked up wrong, or what-have-you for trouble!

    So now, the best palce to start is with a 'strip-down'...

    Mind you, there are two ways to do this: you can do it either in or out of the case. The advantages and drawbacks:in the case is easier and faster, but will not find case-related problems, like shorts from extra, mispositioned standoffs, or ground plane problems; out of the case takes longer, and you may run into 'reach' problems - power supply cables and front panel power switch headers may not be long enough; for the power supply, it's usually just a matter of removing four screws to temorarily relocate it; for the power switch, you can just do this (very carefully):

    You only need to short the pins momentarily - that's all the power switch does...Out of the case also affords you an easy opportunity to 'flip' the board to check your heatsink/fan attachment setup, to be sure all the pins are fully seated, locked, and not cracked... If you do the out of the case, you need to lay the board on a non-conductive surface: the box the MOBO came in is ideal, someone recently suggested a phone book which is excellent; but - the foam pad it came with, and the bag it was in are not - being 'antistat', they are somewhat conductive, and may induce problems...

    Another item worth mention at this point is case speakers: if you haven't got one - get one!
    A lot of people operate under the misaprehension that the 'diagnostic beeps' should come through the speakers attached to their sound-card/chip - not so! Your three hundred dollar Altec-Lansings won't do you any good here - you have to have a case speaker attached to the front panel header, and, often by this point, it's the only diagnostic info you'll have to go on...

    The standard 'strip-down':

    Power down at PSU switch
    remove everything except
    CPU and heatsink/fan (check carefully that the fan retaining pins are fully inserted, completely locked, and not cracked)
    one stick of RAM, in slot closest to CPU
    video card and monitor connector (if more than one PCIe slot, again, in slot closest to CPU)
    all power plugs - 20+4 or 24, 2x2 or 2x4 ATX power, graphics card power
    case speaker and power switch connectors
    keyboard (don't need a mouse at this point)
    place jumper on RST_CMOS pins
    remove jumper from RST_CMOS pins
    power up at PSU switch
    power up by depressing case power switch (or shorting the 'power' pins, as above - very carefully...)
    If you get video, enter BIOS with <DEL> (may need a <TAB> to get to POST screen, if 'splash' screen is enabled)
    Select and execute "Load Optimized Defaults" - save and exit, reboot
    power down
    reinsert other components, one at a time, testing each time after addition...
  2. Thanks bilbat!

    That's exactly where i'm at, I got the motherboard out of the case with just the CPU, RAM and the power supply connected. What weird is I don't even get the POST beeps.
  3. Try shutting off the power supply (or unplugging it, if no switch), hold the power button depressed for about twenty or thirty seconds, then short the RST_CMOS pins. Is the CPU fan spinning up? Have you tried with just one DIMM installed?
  4. only have one DIMM installed the board is getting power...

    all three fans are spinning...
  5. How was/is the memory installed? (DDR3_1 + DDR3_2 <or> DDR3_3 + DDR3_4) ; DDR3_1 is closest to CPU.
  6. its in DDR3_1... i orginally had two module installed in DDR3_1 and DDR3_2
  7. The whole thing for AMDs is debatable: Gigabyte says slots closest to the processor first, AMD says slots furthest away!
  8. I've tried in both furthest and closest to the CPU and neither has produced a video to my monitor.
  9. Just to check - what is the part # - DDR3?

    What revision # for your MOBO (2, 2.1) ?
  10. 4GB kit (2GBx2), 240-pin DIMM, DDR3 PC3-10600 memory module

    rev 2.0
  11. bump
  12. [:lectrocrew:7] Sorry - my 'service' has been kind of spotty here for a bit - time for the semi-annual re-install of my main working OS, and had a few problems myself! Have another question - are you using the on-board video, or a seperate vidcard? Is the monitor new, or have you had it for a while? Which cabling, VGA Dsub, or DVI? Again, cable new, used already? Trying to eliminate as many factors as possible fron the situation - everything we know works, is another thing we likely needn't worry about...
  13. aznknites said:
    4GB kit (2GBx2), 240-pin DIMM, DDR3 PC3-10600 memory module

    rev 2.0

    Part Number (RAM) ~ e.g. TW3X4G1333C9DHX

    In addition, I noticed your PSU has 3 rails + no Japanese capacitors. Do you have another PSU to try?
  14. bilbat - im using onboard video using a dsub. I know that the monitor and the video cables are good because i can pop them onto my laptop and they work.

    jaquith - i dont have another PSU, but im getting power to my board fans are coming on, shouldnt that qualitfy my PSU as good? the part number from crucial is CT2KIT25672BV1339S . hope that what you are looking for...
  15. Bilbat/Jaquith, i just wanted to thank you guys for all your help so far.
  16. I am having the very same problem with the same mobo. Using x4 955BE CPU with stock cooler, and the correct RAM 1.5V for the board. I'm powering it with a Silverstone 500W PSU plugged into the ATX 24-pin. I've tried removing one stick of RAM and all USB/sound connections to the mobo. I am using my previously existing HDTV and DVI cable for display. My case fans and CPU fans all spin, but the PC will not boot. It will not display anything at all from the BIOS, and it isn't spinning up the two Sata drives (which both definitely have power). I think all of that is adding up to the same problem you are reporting. I will keep an eye on this thread so that I'll know if I have a bad board or did something incorrectly.
  17. Cheezburgrmania, i swapped out the motherboard (got another one from the and still running into the same problem...
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  19. Jaquith - thanks you are the man... fixed it right up....
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