Dell video card for inspiron 530

in order to play the game i just bought i was told the video card was not big enough to play the game
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  1. Ummm - so we have to guess what game and what video card?
    Do we win anything if we guess right?
    Are you hoping someone will stumble on the right combination?

    What game and what video card was not big enough?
    What settings do you want to be able to use?
    What size and resolution monitor do you use - or want to be able to use?
  2. Maybe the video card is not old enough to play it? Does the video game have a "Mature" rating? Maybe when it gets older, it can play with the big boys.
  3. Plz post your system specs. Be certain to clarify if you have one of the "slimline" models.
  4. ^+3
    more info needed here...
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