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I bought a Crucial M4 128gb SSD, but I have sudden regrets on wether it was the right choice... there are so many options. Here are some I have in mind, let me know which one you'd suggest. Thanks

Crucial m4
OCZ max iops
OCZ octane
Corsair Force 3
Corsair Force 3 GT
Intel 510

The thing that is worrying me is that the M4 only has a writ of 200mb/s. but I heard it was good for video editing.
And all the others seem to have around 500.

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  1. The Crucial M4 is a good drive for price/performance/reliability. It is not the fastest, but do you want speed over reliability. The Sandforce SSDs (OCZ, Mushkin, Patroit, IBM and Samsung) are faster, but you don't list reliability as a goal. With video editing I would worry about both the speed and the reliability, if you do a lot of editing.

    The best of your list is the IBM 510, which comes at a $80 premium over the Crucial. After that the Mushkin Chronos (which you do not list) 120 GB drive is fastest and most reliable.
  2. I totally agree with Chesteracorgi!
    m4 is one of the most reliable SSD's that you can find!

    but there is a new SSD from corsair called performance pro which comes with the same controller as m4 but with better much write performance!

    it also comes with 512MB DRAM cache in the form of two 256MB modules of Nanya DDR3-1333 DRAM used both for speed and garbage collection which is pretty good!
  3. The Crucial m4 is a very popular with gamers and enthusists. However for video editing and other work involving incompressable files the Intel 510 is only ssd in your list that I would recommend.

    I'm guessing you have been looking at synthetic benchmarks. The ssd's with SandForce controllers like the OCZ and Corsair models you listed were designed to to work with highly compressable data. When working with incompressable data you can throw those benchmarks out the window.
  4. read this review!:)

    you can see the best SSD's in hexus review!
  5. Hi I'm new here!
    I just purchased the Crucial M4 and could't be happier, for what that's worth...
  6. After reading all the comments i am still interested in buying the M4 but just one question :It has been mentioned a few times that the M4 is slower compared to other SSD's but how much slow is that in the real world ? are we talking milliseconds or the time it takes to make a coffee ?
    I use Photoshop a lot and do some video editing, play the occasional game like Call Of Duty, general stuff really.
    Thanks for any forthcoming help.
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