Cannot boot into window 7 and screen issue after installing ATI 4890

hi everyone, I am new here.

I have just replace my ATI 3850x2 with an ATI4890 bought from second hand. After installing and power the computer up, the screen is fill with many random pixel. I can still boot into window 7 though. Window just install its driver automatically. When it try to reboot, it will only go into the first loading screen of the window 7 and the computer restart again. I search it through here and google thinking it may be a power issue. However, my power supply can output 550W max so I am stuck. Can anyone help me? Thanks. Below is my computer spec:

AMD Athlon 7850
Asus M3A76-CM motherboard
ATI4890 1gb
Coolermaster RS-550-ACAA-A1
3gb DDR2 PC6400
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  1. Hi, welcome to the forum... :)

    with random pixel that showed on the screen, i would say that your card is defective...
    just to make sure, try your card on different computer to see if the problem still exist...
  2. Even with cards from same vendor, removing and reinstalling GFX drivers is recommended. Just say no when windows wants to install a driver.
  3. I am not sure if I discribe the problem correctly, therefore I attach a few screen shot. All other screens are having similar problem. I am not sure what GFX driver means, sorry I am pretty new in these sort of things. Can I do it in window and how do it do it?

    If it is really defective, I gonna ask that guy who sell me the card to return my money :(

  4. Yeh, that is a defective video card. The card is artifacting...the other guy must'be overheated the card and it is dying...
  5. oh crap, that is not good... So it really is a defective card, no other chance right? Sorry for repetitive, but I need to be pretty sure before contact that seller :(
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    Just to be sure, remove the card from the case and reseat it firmly. Then ensure that the videocard has its own dedicated power pin line from the PSU, nothing else should be plugged into that line. Then unplug as many components from the power supply as possible, such as your CDroms, unused hard drives, and as many fans that may not effect airflow as possible. Cold boot and see if your problem remains. The 4890 is a great card, if this one happens to be bad then try to get another.
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