[Solved] Boot Loop Before BIOS Screen

I have an Intel i7 860 2.8Ghz installed on the GA-P55A-UD5 motherboard it was working fine until yesterday, I made a BIOS change and used the PC for couple of hours, powered it of, but when I tried to start it up a few hours later, it turns off after a couple of seconds, restarts, turns off, etc. without getting to the BIOS screen.

I have performed the following tests:

1. Pressed the clear CMOS button
2. Removed the battery for an hour
3. Disconnected all other hardware, HDD, DVD-RW, etc.
4. Tried different graphics card
5. Tried different power supply

All of the above made no difference, still reboots before BIOS. The only things left connected are the Power Supply, Motherboard, CPU, RAM and Graphics card.

The are no beeps from the motherboard. The lights shown are:

1. MD1 and MD2 light up then turn off just before reboot
2. GD1 and GD2 light up but stay on until reboot
3. CPU light lights up and stays on until reboot
4. All the Phase LED lights are on until reboot

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. First thing to try is the exact procedure outlined in the 'sticky', under "to break a 'boot-loop'"
  2. Unfortunately, that procedure doesn't work for me. It still won't get to the BIOS.

    My motherboard has a reset CMOS button, but pressing that with the battery in or out makes no difference. Holding the front button does stop the reboots though.
  3. Does doing anything produce 'beeps'? Pulling out the RAM, the VidCard, etc? As the CPU LED is on, is there a possibility you can 'borrow' one from a buddy for testing? It almost sounds like it's not 'doing' POST at all... The typical corrupted CMOS boot loop will usually be a cyclic thing - you often get a pair of attempts to boot, repeating endlessly: first boot 'downs' the power momentarily; second shows POST, beeps, and aborts; rinse, lather, repeat!
  4. f302w said:
    ... working fine until yesterday, I made a BIOS change and used the PC for couple of hours...

    What "BIOS Change(s)"? I "get" this is a NO POST issue ~ cause & effect is what interests me. "IF" you've tried everything it limits you to a few things: 1. if the changes was flashing your BIOS ~ corrupted BIOS, 2. PSU, and 3. MOBO ~ cause unknown H/W.
  5. I second the important concept, of if your computer was working fine, then you made a BIOS change, then it is sick, exactly what BIOS change did you make?

    If everyone knows what change you made, makes it much easier honing in on what went wrong, and how to correct it.
    The focus is a lot different if you made a RAM voltage or frequency change, or if you used the @BIOS utility.
  6. Hi All,

    Thanks for all your reply's, the problem was with the motherboard.

    Took it back from where I bought it, they sent it away and it got fixed by gigabyte.

    Gigabyte didn't tell my supplier what the problem was, but it's back up and running now.

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