Tv tuner card help needed
i am new to tv tuners. i am trying to figure out if i will need any sort of antenna/receiver to get the HD local channels. or just that tv tuner card will be enough to do the job? tia.
p.s. i am interested in receiving local over-the-air HD channels.
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    should the specifications where it says

    "Watch and record ATSC high definition digital TV or analog cable TV on your PC, in a window or full screen! ATSC HD is the over-the-air high definition TV standard for North America. "

    it may or may not come with an antenna...and yes you need an antenna to receive any reasonable quality over the air signals....just like you do for any sort of wireless communication
  2. if its for a desktop, you can plug it straight into your roof antenna and get perfect quality. sicne you won't be moving it around too much, its the best way to get good signal.
  3. i dont have any kind of antenna. thats why i am trying to figure out if i will need one in addition to gettin this tuner
  4. ah i see. you dont own a tv?

    well yeah, youll need one. most electronics stores sell the cheap bunny-ear antennas though. they do the job well. and with digital TV, you either recieve it or you dont. so you dont need to worry about bad quality reception.
  5. Get the hauppage 2250. Much better than the 1850 or 1600.

    As for reception get an amplified antenna and that will enable have clear HD signal. It depends on your location.
  6. thanks guys. thats what i need to know. i guess i'll get an indoor antenna. radioshack?
  7. You can buy amplified indoor anternna for HD reception even at Target or Walmart. It is available on computer stores and appliance stores.

    Philips is one of the common brand for amplified HD antenna
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