64 bit drivers for asus mother board

asus mother board change from 32 bit to 64 bit no lan is recognized for internet, and doesnt show active lan Doug
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  1. Tell ME your Motherboard Model no..... I'll Post the Links to download Drivers for x64....................
  2. If you're board supports x64 architecture then the drivers should be on the CD that came with your board or failing that, on the ASUS website :)
  3. I recently did the jump from xp 32bit to Win 7 64bit and had issues with my LAN on an Asus mobo also. Since you have some internet connection, I'd download the driver update for your new OS and put it on a USB drive from the computer you're using now. Update the drivers on the Asus computer and see if you're golden. It fixed my connection intermittent issue and sped up my overall connection too.
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