Not getting full speed on SSD

I just go this hard drive:
This controller:
This cable:
I installed everything correctly. I installed the drivers that came with the card and hooked up the SSD to it. I went into the bios and set it to ACHI. I currently dont have Windows installed on the SSD, but I am running on a 7200RPM hard drive. I downloaded ATTO benchmarking tool and ran it. The max read speed is 200MB/s and the max write speed is 70MB/s. I should be getting much higher speeds than this. Can anyone help?
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  1. Because you do not list your other components, it is impossible to tell. Your cable seems to be OK, but all SATA cables are supposed to handle SATA III bandwidth. The problem may be with the interface between your mobo and the controller card. The controller card can do exchanges with the SSD at SATA III specs, but your bottleneck may be the mobo itself.

    If you are running an older mobo you may run into the problem that an added controller card is limited in the bandwidth that it has for throughput to the CPU and otner peripherals. List your mobo and CPU and other conmponents and you can get better advice.
  2. Here are the specs for my computer:
    If the motherboard is the bottleneck, then is there anything I can do other than upgrade the motherboard?
  3. Check what PCIe slot the card is sat in, it needs to be PCIe X2 (or greater), using a X1 slot would explain the slow read rate, the write speed would depend on how it was being measured.
  4. Try switching the slots (as JSJ hints) and see if you get an increase in speed. If you don't get an increase in speed the only thing for increased speed may be a mobo upgrade.
  5. BTW, from your link I can't tell what, if any PCI slots are free.
  6. I decided to upgrade the motherboard and return the SSD for now and get another one when the price drops a bit. Will the sata ports on this motherboard get the full read and write speed?
    Also, the computer that I currently have is an HP. If I get the new motherboard and put in the cpu that is currently in the HP, will I be able to overclock or does HP lock the speed on the processor? Do you know of any cheap, but sturdy case to go with the motherboard?
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