Help Please!! Misaligned Monitor Screen

I've seen a few threads related to mine, but it doesn't solve my issue!! D: My monitor has been misaligned before and I was able to fix it with auto adjustment, but this time it seems like it's not working. Can someone please help me? It's driving me crazy.

Here's how my monitor looks now:

If you look at the time, it's cut off so anybody can help me fix that...? Ignore my desktop picture and junk haha...

Thank youu.
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  1. ...I can't see anything wrong with that _screenshot_...
  2. Ahhh apparently print screen doesn't show what I see. But the right side does get cut off...
  3. LCD or CRT?
  4. well that's strange... are you using native resolution? just noticed that the screenshot has somewhat funny size 1600*1000... that ain't common for any screen I know..
    edit different link
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