Do Nvidia 200 series support real custom screen resolution?

My 7900 can't make custom screen resolution , actually it does make custom resolution incorrectly. NVIDIA control panel can make '1280x960' on 1280x1024 monitor but when I click 'Do not scale' it has to show two black bars but it stretches whole area.

So I use PowerStrip (powerstrip can make 1280x960 and two black bars appear for true scale). But powerstrip doesn't support geforce 8, 9, 200...more.

I want buy many computer parts for entire upgrade. If I get GTX 275 and look at 1280x1024 monitor, I think it will probably just show additional screen resolution 800x600, 1024x768 and no 1280x960. So if that make 1280x960 with 'Do not scale', will black bars appear? or just stretch whole area?

What about ATI HD 5870?

Why: Why not use 1280x1024? Why not get widescreen? I like true ratio and don't play widescreen games. The widescreen games are currently high system requirements for smooth 60 FPS.
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  1. Quote:
    The widescreen games are currently high system requirements for smooth 60 FPS.

    What games? The GTX275 should be able to handle 1680*1050 easily with full detail in 90% of the games.

    And yes, the 8xxx cards and up allow for 1280*960.

    I just tried what you wanted to know on both a 8400GS and a 4850 and they stretch the image (no black bars), even when set to "Do Not Scale" under Windows 7 x64. These were hooked up to 22" and 24" wide screen LCDs respectively.
  2. So they just make stretch all.

    Probably the card easily handle the games.
    But my options are different.
    8x Anti aliasing, minimum 60 FPS, other else max as possible.

    8x Anti aliasing, minimum 60 FPS for smooth 'vertical sync', other else max as possible. Feel that is true 3D.

    Few years ago, I bought 7900 GS for that option. I expected it will handle games at least in 2003's games. But surprisingly it's performance is poor (in my options). In 3DMark03, I expected it will show minimum 60 FPS. But example, one of 3DMark03 test 'Average FPS' is less than 40 FPS even using '4x anti aliasing'.

    I tried a 2001's game with 'my options' and it failed to show minimum 60 FPS, so I decreased 8x Anti aliasing to 4x Anti aliasing.

    If I try to use my options I expect GTX 275 will usually not work after 2004's games.
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