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am new to this and not sure how to ask, what kind of information to provide to get some help with this or if this is even the correct place to ask for ...

I try to connect to a FTP server from my client. Am able to do within the command line.
( ftp ftp.xyz.net ... promt for user and password ... able to login and all is good )

If I try to connect the same FTP from the same client with any browser ( IE or Firefox ), I do not get a user / password promt. It runs in an error ...

"Windows cannot access this folder. Make sure you typed the file name correctly and that you have permissions to access the folder"

Here is my questions. What needs to be configured on the FTP server to get access via browser as well?
Because both of these ways work for other FTP servers ...

Thanks already for help.
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  1. [cpp]try to include the entire username/password in the address

    ie: ftp://username:password@_ftp_addresss_.com[/cpp]
  2. thanks, that works!

    do you know if this are browser or FTP server settings?
  3. I believe those are browser settings, but I could be wrong.

    I think in IE you could go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced Tab - Look for "Enable FTP Folder View" and uncheck the option. That might force it to prompt you for the username/password.

    I am not too sure about Firefox
  4. thanks Sav!
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