All my drives like D, E got hidden(Except C) in disk management as well in boot

All my drives like D, E got hidden(Except C) after using win2flash........
How to enable them. Actually i had already tried it to connecting on some other pc but there also only c is shown of 40 GB(In MY Computer). but actual size of Hard disk is 250 GB. In disk management it is showing c of 250 GB on same pc as well on other pc also.I had used that hard disk as slave also. There only 40 GB Drive is shown qand when i open the disk management i got a disk drive of 250 Gb..... I an not able to use file recovery options as their is no path for recovery
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  1. win2flash is a utility to update the BIOS data. If you did that, you should enter the BIOS at boot and select the "fail-safe" or "default" settings. Save and exit the BIOS. After your computer restarts, see if you now have the the drives visible in windows explorer. If not, restart and enter the BIOS at boot, find the screen or tab that shows your hard drives, and ensure they are are all present. You may have to change the BIOS settings for hard drives, if so start by setting each of the hard drives to "automatic." Save and exit the BIOS, and see if windows explorer sees the drives and that it shows the correct capacities.

    If you have little experience in changing the BIOS settings, you may want perform only one change a time, so you can remember what you changed.
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