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I've decided to upgrade from my old e6400 to an i750 but after reading various forum posts and the articles here at Tom's Hardware I'm still unsure which motherboard to buy. I'm on a bit of a budget so I'd like to keep a low price while still being able to OC. I've been looking at the sub $130 range. Any motherboard that is actually paired up with the i750 on newegg.com as a combo is a huge plus. Some of the ones I've been looking at are:



P55-USB3 (Only concern is it doesn't officially support DDR3 1600)

If you have any advice or suggestions I'd appreciate it. Thank you.
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  1. Well the second link shows ASUS P7P55D-E LX,which is different with ASUS P7P55D-E,
    My recommendation is ASUS P7P55D-E,because it supports CrossFire,has a good OC'ng potential and supports USB 3.0/Sata 6
  2. Ah, yea I did link the wrong one. And it just hit midnight PST Aug. 1, so all the combo deals just changed on newegg. I forgot to put this in my original post, but CrossFire, USB3, and Sata6 are things that I don't need. Are there any other cheaper boards without those features?
  3. If you don't need either of those,then consider ASUS P75PDD
  4. I just googled "ASUS P75PDD" and got nothing. Did you mean P7P55?
  5. lol I'm sorry,i meant P7P55D
  6. Alright, that one is about $20 cheaper than the -E (After -$20 from the combo). What about just the P7P55 LX? Seeing as it's even $40 cheaper what exactly do I lose? I used the compare feature on newegg and they're almost identical, obviously something is different.
  7. The main difference is that with LX version, you get USB 3.0 and Sata6 with one PCI-E slot,whereas with P7P55D,you'll get 2 PCI-E slots(which isn't useful because it supports Crossfire at 16x4x mode which is the weakest performer in multiGPU setups.) and it doesn't have USB 3.0/Sata 6
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