One stick of ddr3?

I am building a new system, but I have to buy the parts one at a time because I am poor. All that I need is the cpu, memory and mobo.

What I am planning:
CPU i5-760
MOBO (gigabyte probably)
RAM DDR3-1600 (g-skill probably, 2x2=4g)

2 sticks of 2g ddr3 costs about $100, but to get the new computer up and running quicker
I had planned on buying one 2g stick of ram and then buy another 2g stick when I can afford it.

Can I even run a computer with one stick of ram?
does it make any sense to do it this way?

Thanks everyone :hello:
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  1. Depends on your Operating system tbh, xp will run on 2Gb, Win7 wont is a short answer,
    Yes you can run a rig on one stick, my Gf's build currently is running on one due to another stick being returned to supplier, she's running fine
    make sure your new Mobo supports DDR3 obv, :)
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    I run windows 7 on 2GB ram and it works very fine, I can even play games on that system.
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  4. Live and learn, I thought the minimum was 4Gb, seems not lol, I stand corrected Sir
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