If a program says windows 7 or windows vista can i use it with windows xp sp3?

I have a "typing instructor" program for my kids. I just realized it's compatible with windows 7 or Vista, but we have an old desktop that we were designating for the kids and it has XP SP3. Any chance this program could work?
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  1. it should work but the only way to find out is to install it.

    are there any hardware requirements?
  2. Try to install dual operating systems like windows xp & windows 7.
  3. It should say whether WinXP is supported or not; a lot of apps "recommend" Vista/7, but have a minimum requirement of XP.

    I for one couldn't imagine a consumer application dropping XP support at this stage, but its possible...
  4. Try Typing Master, It is a nice program for learning.

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