First 775 build

hey guys, believe it or not ive never actually seen a 775 board until i recently bought 1

as you can see, my cpu support list is not that long, i plan to get an e3xxx with it, but im waiting to see if i can get a used 1 for cheaper, i recently scrapped a rig with a p4 540 in it

i wish to test it in the board and i just want to know if anything bad can happen if i test it, if anything could fry etc or is intel just like amd where if its not supported, it just wont post?

thx 4 all replies
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    I would have said not to bother with an LGA775 board since that socket is out of productivity now. No new processors will be made for that socket. But since you have one anyway :)

    If that P4 chip is LGA775 then I personally can't see the harm in trying it; I daresay it should work! Obviously though if it isnt 775 then don't even try it ;)
  2. Otherwise, get something like a late model E6300
    and overclock the stuffing out of it.
  3. gonna try it
  4. works gr8, hot sucker though, gotta get a cooler, thx 4 the replies
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