Onboard 6150SE nForce 430 Vs. BFG BFGRGT2201024D2E NVIDIA GeForce

I have an onboard 6150SE and I saw Frys had a BFG GeForce 220 on sale for $40 is it worth the money to get compared to the onbaird vid?
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  1. What do u want to do with that onboard?
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    Almost any discrete graphics solution will be vastly superior to onboard graphics.

    This graphics hierarchy chart should help put things in perspective. You will see your 6150 is well below the 220 in performance.,2491-7.html

    What do you want the card to be capable of? You might want to go with either a cheaper or more powerful card.
  3. I haven't done much gaming in the past but would like the opportunity if I suddenly get a lot of free time. Thanks, I was looking for a guide to see how much of an improvement it would be. I didn't want to spend much more than $40 so I figure it was probably the best bang for the buck. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks!

    If you are looking for a tiny bit more power the ATI Radeon 4650 should be available for about that price too. I think its a slightly better value than the Nvidia card, but either would be a good upgrade.
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