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I have a dell 320 optiplex desktop. It Came with a 2.8 mhz processor and 512 memory... I believe this motherboard acutally has 2 processor slots.. which would require an upgrade in the power supply if it was possible to upgrade the original processor and install a second one. On the memory upgrade If I were able to upgrade the processors to Intel® Pentium® D 800MHz FSB Socket T with Dual Core technology XD, EM64T, 2x2MB L2 cache, and EIST (900 series) processors.. which the documentation describes as the upgrade... since the processors would then be 800 mhz would the memory speed need to be increased incremantally from the 533 which is the speed of the 2.8 processor I currently have...
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  1. Use crucial's configurator software for memory upgrades. Dell boards don't upgrade easily, and be sure to use the max amount per slot. Some older boards won't work with 1 gb sticks of ram (the max is 256 or 512 megs per slot). The cpu fsb and ram fsb are completely independent of each other; you are limited by the motherboard chipset as to what ram speed to use.
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