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Hi all
i am building a new pc and i need some advice i was thinking of getting the Cosmos II for my case and mounting a 360MM Rad on the top im still kind of new to water cooling and i would like to know would it be better to have a 360MM on the top and a 120MM on the side or bottom? or is there a case out there that is spacious enough to accomidate a 480MM Rad without spending 650 on a case such as the Silverstone TJ11
also does it matter what coolant you use, i was thinking of using silver plated compression fittings because they kill the fungi that can get in there( or so i have heard)

Thank you

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  1. you gotta tell us what you are trying to cool lol..what you are thinking about doing could be completely over kill having like 5 rads in your system lol
  2. It would be hard to tell you without knowing what is going into you system components wise. As for the case, the NZXT Switch 810 has been getting a lot of attention lately as a liquid cooling case:


    It can fit up to a 420mm up top and a 240mm in the bottom. As for coolant most people will tell you distilled water and a kill coil. I personally use EK's premix solution, and have no problems with discoloration.
  3. Use Distilled Water!!!!

    Coolant can gunk up your waterblocks!

    What are you trying to cool? You know Rad space is determined by TDP of all of your parts?
  4. You can get Ultra pure water and add anticorrosin and a silver ciol and that's all you would need unless you want a color. Then there are two options , colored tubing or a dye , I frefer the dye becuase then you can change the color when you want and you don't have to switch out the tubing so get a clear tubing.
    The Cooler Master HAF-X and the Cosmos will hold a 360 radiator and that will cool a cpu and two video cards. A 480 is a big radiator and you will be hard pressed to find a case to hold that.
  5. i've always feared dye because i dont like the idea of constantly having dye sitting in your stuff but i guess in the end its up to you. there are a fair few methods that have worked for various people. personally i have adopted the use of pure distilled water, a kill coil in my res and a set of uv lights in both my res and CPU block.
  6. well i plan on cooling 2 GPUs in SLI as well as CPU plus north bridge/southbridge and possibly memory

    i dont plan on doing massive overclocking just enough to make a difference
    what is a kill coil?
  7. A kill coil is a coil of silver that kills and prevents things from growing in your distilled water.
  8. I wouldn't bother with the motherboard and ram coolers, it isn't worth the money and flow restriction on your loop. Also what cpu and which gpus are you using specifically?
  9. same principle as your silver compression fittings :)
    I'd recommend using barbed fittings and hoseclamps for your first build just so you get a feel for doing it and dont over tighten or undertighten the compression fittings and encounter a mess, I think its something you have to be confident in, plus barbs and clamps are a lot cheaper. pros of the compression clamps is it looks neater.

    Maybe look at getting some copper bitspower barb fittings and if you'd like to keep it neat and tidy consider getting some of these koolance hose clamps.

    I would also recommend getting the NZXT Switch, heard loads of great reviews on it as a watercooling case!
  10. http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=59_381_1071_1073&products_id=34085


    This is a silver killcoil;


    You can use either the silver coil or the Mayhem antimicrbal additive to kill any organisms that may grwo over time. There are also silver barb fittings that can be used.
    I agree with the cooling of the chipsets and ram because they wioll slow down the flow unless you have a seperate loop just for those parts because the gpu and cpu have a higher flow rate and would dissapate the heat faster.
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