Display Blacks out all of a sudden.

The other day while using a web cam on skype all of a sudden my monitor went black. The funny part is the green light was still on my monitor and the computer was still running. I had to shut down the the reset button and after several reboots everything was working fine again. This ia a new system I built 3 months ago. Below is the specs. If anyone can shed some light on what may have happen I would appreciate it.. Thanks
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  1. Sorry I forgot to list my components.
    Gigabye P55-ud4p Motherboard
    8 gigs of Kingston PC3 10600
    Intel I7 860 Quad socket 1156
    Win 7 Prof. 64 Bit
    Thermotake ESA 850 Watt
    Aluminus Tower
    EVGA Geforce3 GT 220/ 1 gig memory
    WD 500 Gig Sata
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