Found a old PC, hows the overclock? I7 930 3.8

Well I just found this PC and I decided to overclock it which I don't really do that much. Here is a pic running Prime-95 on blend setting. The ram I'm using is at 1333, so I set the multiplier to 6 or else it would be running at 1448 and I'm not sure if that's bad or okay.

I'm not sure about the temps though, I found people saying they're fine and what not.

Any comments?
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  1. not bad, do you have a hyper 212 evo? or somthing around that?
  2. No lol, h40 liquid cooler.
  3. I just did a long prime95 small fft test and the temps weren't too bad.

  4. Quote:
    so HOW did you just find that.?

    If you must know, my cleaning lady is moving out of country and she had a build in her closet that I was allowed to have..
  5. woah, the Hyper 212 Evo can get 3.8 on the I7 920, which is the same chip just clocked 200MHz slower (the 930 was it's replacement)
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