3570k @ 4.3 GHz Temps

I currently have my 3570 @ 4.3GHz at around 1.14 ~ 1.15 volts. Ran Prime95, no crashes but temps were around 72~74 with a ~Hyper 212 EVO. I was wondering are these temps bad? Idle temps are about 37~41.

Are these temps a bit high? And will running 4.3 at around 65-70% usage everyday (due to MMO being so processor intensive) heavily effect the lifetime of my CPU?

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  1. no those temps wont have a major effect on the life time of your cpu.....nothing that you will notice you will be upgrading long before it becomes an issue...that being said those temps seem a little high for the cooler you have on there...make sure that you have enough thermal paste on there to ensure proper contact with the cpu and also how is the cooling in your case? do you have sufficient case fans to cool your rig? any dust build up?
  2. The temps that you have are from a stress test that will put 100% load onto the cpu so that those will be the highest temps that you will see. They are not high and they will not be getting that high again unless you are doing something on your computer that is putting 100% load on it. Plus the fact that you have the cpu overclocked is another reason to say that the temps are not that bad and you should expect higher temps when overclocking.
    So if you take 65-70% of the highest temp from the stress test then thats what you will see for temps on a regular basis from day to day usage and that's not very high. Plus once the thermasl compound has really cured you should see a bit lower temps as well.
    What will afect the lifetime of your cpu would be higher voltages and temps and with what you have now there would be no adverse effect on the life of the cpu.
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