Does the Intel p55 Chipset support both ATi and Nvidia in Crossfire/Sli?

Hello,I've been looking at building my first computer. I'm going for a hybrid Intel/ATI build, so I was looking at EVGA's line of P55 Motherboards. Some of their motherboards say "SLI" and other say "SLI, Crossfire". Does the P55 chipset support both ATI and Nvidia, and does it do so for crossfire as well?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Yeah, the P55 can support both Crossfire and SLI technology but about EVGA not always support both. I would go with thisASUS P7P55D-E Pro that's amazing.
  2. The chipset doesn't care, the board hardware and BIOS are responsible for the support...
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