Is HD 3650 a good card?

Is ati HD 3560 a good graphics card?
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  1. ah... lets say you play with HD 3650 at 1024x768 resolution ..

    thats it

    will it be good?
  2. why u want 3560?
    Are u planning to buy?
    How much do u want to spend?
    And list the rest of your spec here.... :)
  3. also why is hd 3650 more expensive than 9600gt.. if 9600gt is ddr3 512mb and 256bit ?? and hd3650 is ddr2 512mb 128bit???
  4. It's still not good, it's only DDR2. And what version? PCI-E or AGP?
  5. it was a graphics card my girlfriend gave me

    i have 4 gb ram ddr2 ocz
    amd athlon 64 x2 6400
    HD 3650...

    i only want to play games at 1024x768 at med or high graphics..
  6. version pcie..diamond
  7. okay, it's still can play any games at 1024x768, but not with high setting. Don't expect much from ddr2... :)
  8. you think i may play alone in the dark 5 with my system specs???

    at low at least lol
  9. I'm not sure, but i think yes, it can play that game... :)
    Since u already have that card then why don't u just try it? :D
  10. because i need to get the games first lol!! but i will thanks for replying :)
  11. 1. The 9600GT is recertified, meaning it has been returned
    2. I would try to find a 4650 for 1024x768, the 4670 can keep up at 1440x900, so the 4650 should be enough for 1027x760.
    3. I would keep the 3650, as it is from your girl.
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