Which motherboard?

Hi there,

Lately I`ve been investigating on good motherboards so I could by one that well suited me.

So, I wanted someone to help me out here, which of the following is better, I mean some o their differences are not very clear for me.




Thanks in advance
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    The last one has a better future proof but IMO is better try to go with a new 1156 or 1366 or AM3 build, the 775 is a little old now.
  2. Hmm, yes, I thought so.

    Yes, I know, Its just that I can`t afford a new 1156, 1366 or AM3 socket cpu right now, so I really had to go on these ones.

    Thanks ;)
  3. Ok, in that case is better that last one.
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