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I want to build double monitor in 1 CPU for my Dell 390. Would you recommend me about the suitable display card?
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  1. "Support for PCI Express x16 graphics cards up to 150 watts and with up to 512MB graphics memory including:
    NVIDIA Quadro® FX 4500; NVIDI, Quadro FX 3500; NVIDIA Quadro FX 3450; ATI™ IreGL™ 7200; NVIDIA Quadro FX550; ATI FireGL V3400; NVIDIA Quadro NVS 285. All graphics cards support dual monitor configurations"

    So i guess it just depends on how much money your willing to spend on a workstation graphics card.
    i think the FX550 is prob. the best. But I don't know that much about Quadro
  2. Why would he need a work station card? Any card can handle 2 monitors. If there's no gaming involved just get something cheap and low power like and HD4350 or g210.
  3. thats what DELLs support website said.
    Now, a GeForce card can prob. work just as fine. But god only knows what they do to their hardware to make things work or not.
  4. lol
    I doubt even Dell could mess up a system that bad. But a good question would be what he plans on using those two monitors to accomplish.
  5. Hey hskkcr,

    An ATI Radeon HD 4350 for about $30 would be an ideal card for a multiple monitor configuration. (assuming you are not a gamer)

    It's more power than you need for multi-monitor, and still has low enough power usage not to strain any normal system.
  6. A GeForce 210 would also be a decent buy assuming your not gaming.
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