First Time Building, i5 build

Hi guys. How are we all?
I have come to your site in the hope that you guys can provide your expertise to me.

I had been using a laptop for the last two years but recently the graphics card overheated and it died. (It's still under warranty so it's currently getting repaired.)
However, I would like to build a desktop as it would suit me better.
I have never built a computer before, but I am unhappy with the specs I see in normal retail stores, they seem to be catered to web / email checking.

I do alot of photoshop for my work, and I also like to multi task (run several applications) and play the occasional game.

Here is the specs I have so far:

HDD: Western Digital 808gb - $75
CPU: Intel Core i5-750 1156 pin - $221
RAM: 4GBkit DDR3 1333 kingston- $117
GFX: NVIDIA GTX260 896M - $213
MOTHER: Intel Boxed DP55SB - $245
CD/DVD: IDE LG - $38
MONITOR: 23.6" 5ms DVI Acer x243hq - $187
CASE/powersupply: Coolmaster CAC-T05 - $110
NETWORK: Asus PCMCIA WL-106GM MIMO Wireless -$22
OS: Windows 7 home premium 64bit on cd - $60
BLUETOOTH: Dongle - $10
CARDREADER: Sony all-in-one. $15
TOTAL: $1313 AU

Could you please provide advice to me, would greatly appreciate it. Would this build work? I am a student and I am trying to get bang for buck while saving the littles penies I have. The prices are all what I have found at a parts computer shop in Brisbane, Australia.

Is there anything I should change that could get a better PC for less money?
How do you think this build would peform? I am aiming for something fast and reliable.
As I have never built a computer before, I am unsure about whether it will remain cool enough, whether the parts are compatible.

Looking forward to hearing what you think.
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  1. What you have chosen will work together, but ...
    CD/DVD drive - why IDE?
    I am not a fan of CM power supplies.

    Whatever you choose, take a look at this:
    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    The checklist at the beginning may prevent you from making noobish mistakes.
  2. I chose the IDE one because it was the cheapest haha, so basically you are saying probably not the best to choose an IDE. I'll make another choice there.

    Thanks for the link, will be useful when I decide to go ahead and have the daunting task of putting it all together :)

    Is the motherboard good?
  3. How are you getting Windows 7 for $60?
  4. vagina said:
    How are you getting Windows 7 for $60?

    Through my uni
  5. Change Coolermaster PSU.

    And ditch GTX 260 for HD 4890.
    It is a better performer for same price.
  6. I would get the dp55kg mb , simply because its the best p55 reference mb .
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