My custom tower is buzzing and unstable

So my AMD XP 2500+ ASUS A7N8X system was pretty solid for a while..

I don't use it much anymore, but don't want to ditch it quite yet..
one reason I don't use it, is it became hardware unstable. over the last year.

Even when the system is shut down, if the PSU's switch is in the on position, it will often emit some buzzing

I assume this mean I need to replace the PSU, but the system has also been locking up.. I'm not honestly sure if its related to the PSU.. but both the system halt / BSOD fun / BIOS having been cleared, and the PSU buzzing started happening together.

I wonder if the mobo is done too?

Is there any diag software I can use to pin point the actual problem rather than just throwing money at it?

I used sis software sandra in the past but I'm not sure what that can do for me hear, since I suspect pretty low level HW power problems.

any pointers? Should I just retire this sucker? I mostly use my latop now-a-days anyway..
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  1. What kind of PSU is in the PC?

    Actually it doesn't make much difference. The AMD Barton core (?) is pretty old, but it's still more than adequate for basic computing. And if you still want to use it, replacing the PSU is the first obvious step.

    I'd suggest a Corsair 400CX (30 amp 12 volt rail)

    That's my favorite under 500 watt PSU.

    I'm typing this on an XP2400+ until I get everything ported over to Q6600 system. :)
  2. I can't remember.. maybe an antec PSU of some sort...

    I'll take a look when I get home...

    I don't really know if I'd use it much after I fix.. might still use my laptop mostly...

    I'm a cross platform fellow..

    mac PC linux.... I like em all..

    macbook and iphone have been my main computers recently..

    but somehow I'm not ready to dump the tower.. it's still good for everything I do on a computer..

    my elite gaming skills ended around starcraft 2..
  3. hupjack said:
    I can't remember.. maybe an antec PSU of some sort...

    I'll take a look when I get home...

    I've seen some Antec with blown capacitors that would make some strange thing on a computer, such as sata port stopped working and computer instability
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