No OS disk will run!!! Help

Hey cybertechs :bounce:

At first, it was the DVD drive, which became "disabled". I thought maybe my OS disks were scratched.
ALL of my OS disks won't run!!!!!!!!! :pfff:

They will not boot. They boot Into a partial boot or almost boot, but a full install cannot be completed, let alone barely even started!!! :pt1cable:

I do not understand what is going on :sleep:

I have replaced the DVD drive :hello:
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  1. Your SATA/IDE controllers might be going bad....

    Which one are you using, IDE or SATA?

    It could be a bad data cable.
  2. Try with another data or power cable.
  3. jay_nar2012,

    I am using IDE. It is a laptop, so I don't have any IDE cables.
    But yes, this is always one possibility in general Diagnostic Analasis.


    Captain Kirk
  4. How far do you get when trying to boot off the OS discs? Does it start booting off the discs? Does it start loading the files and then error out? Does it even recognize the boot discs?
  5. aford10,
    Wow, awesome system I might say, by the way. I didn't know that they even had 3.7 Gigs out yet. That's amazing. Looks like you got a nice computer.

    Warm welcome, mr Moderator.
    I'm sure if ANYBODY can fix it it would be you:
    A 15,000 post Expert legend with 5 Gold Badges.
    Dang, you have enough medals to cover your uniform like a general -- 27 Medals!!!!!!!!

    I put XP Home in.
    It goes to the blue screen for the install process.

    Here are the error messages that I get. I only get 1 error message per try.
    Each time, the error message is different.
    CD#1] #Boots: 7
    CD#2] #Boots: 6
    CD#3] #Boots: 7
    CD#4] #Boots: 1


    1> Error Code 4

    2> Error Code 7

    3> Error Code 14

    4> Unexpected error line 1773

    Windows will not complete the install. Windows CANNOT "be" installed, nor ANY other OS!!!!!!!!

    OTHER OS's

    Fedora: Splash Screen. Unable to input anything. Keeps autoloading. Then black screen.
    ::100% of time #Boots: 7

    Knoppex: Splash Screen. Press return. Autoload. "Loading Kernal"; left for 2 hours. Screen did not change, as if frozen. ::60% of time; 40% = doesn't get this far or black screen freeze
    CD#1] #Boots: 7
    CD#2] #Boots: 8

    Puppy: Splash Screen. Press return, or type "Puppy Pfix=RAM". Autoload. Black screen completely filled with text. One main error messages is:
    "Kernal Panic" ::100% of time #Boots: 8

    Mint: Splash Screen. "Automatic Boot in 116514 seconds" for 2 boots. Another boot returned
    "10 seconds" instead for this message. Some boots fail this completely and freezes on the splash screen without this message. Autoload. Black screen completely filled with text.
    Error messages include:
    "Swapper Tainted"
    "Do Exit"
    "Oops End"
    "No Context"
    "Bad Area Nosemaphore"
    "Spin Lock irqSave"
    "Do page fault"
    "Error Code"

    Another Boot:
    "Unable to handle Kernal Paging Request"
    "thread overran stack or stack corrupted"

    ::30% of time; 70% = doesn't get this far and freezes #Boots: 6

    Occassionally in the process of an OS Disk boot, the computer will freeze with an unending beeping sound. Also other programs will return this as well, such as a partition recovery boot cd.

    Captain Kirk
  6. Best answer
    Run memtest.
  7. It sounds like you've got some flaky RAM. If you have more than 1 RAM chip, try it with 1 installed at a time.
  8. Area51reopened,
    Cool, I like you name. Roswald, never heard of sector 4, but I bet you need a high level clearance card to get in -- oh wait, your a moderator, you have clearance.

    Okay, so I ran a MemTest like you said. So here are the results: [Memtest 4.0]

    I selected option 2, Memtest 3.5, and the program ran.

    "Unexpected Interrupt - Halting CPU0"
    Errors: 0
    Ecc Err: 0
    Pass: 0
    Pass 0%
    Test 57%
    Time = 01 sec

    ::100% of time same results #Boots: 4

    Thanks for the reply.

    I will try your idea next.
    What is your take on the memtest results?

    Captain Kirk
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