XSPC AX Radiators!

XSPC AX120 Silver


It will be more than the EX. The radiator core is fitted into a 3mm thick extruded aluminium frame. We have to cut the extrusion by CNC and it's not a cheap process.

Some reviews will be published soon. It should outperform the EX at all fan speeds and we believe it will outperform the RX with our 1650rpm fans. We still need to get more results in.

It's 40mm thick.

Photos taken from XSPC's Facebook page...

They'll be updating the album with more photos of their AX series!

So here's how it goes:
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  1. so will this be your new radiator for your loop it looks like it would preform well
  2. Most likely!

    I'll expand my loop when I add either 1 or 2 660ti's in it :)
  3. So they'll work great with my Ultra Kazes :D Definitely something I would want in my dream machine.
  4. So that is supposed to be better cooling than the 63mm RX? Hmmm, kind of skeptical on that one. If they do I would love to get my hands on a couple of those silver ones :D Any word on release date?
  5. Betting the AX is going down the line of adding more channels per pass and higher FPI to achieve this. Remember, the RX is only 8 FPI, so anything more in either category will ultimately move the total radiator volume closer to the RX without adding additional LxWxH.
  6. True. But I would assume that thicker rads are thicker to house more channels per pass. I guess that would vary from rad to rad tho.
    Right now I am planning on getting either 2 EK XTX 360's or a 360 and a 240 (depends on the case, can't decide to get the switch 810 or stick with my phantom)
  7. Not necessarily, they might actually have fewer channels, but since the RX rad is much thicker, the channels in turn would hold more water by volume and have more surface area and counteract the need to have more channels.

    If you wanted to build a fantastically performing radiator, you'd want a thick design with med-low FPI and several channels per pass. This ultimately produces a dense heat exchange system in addition to total, overall volume.
  8. so what are you wating on? if you build it, i might buy it.
  9. There was a member of another forum who actually took orders and built watercooling rads to order based on what cores you wanted to run and then built the case and tanks as well as tapped the ports.

    He said it's pretty easy to find a distributor to get you what you need, but it isn't very cost effective over what you can easily buy from a watercooling distributor.
  10. lemme guess he reworked on a magicool rad? :) I think I was on the same forum as well, dunno where its hidden now, been on Tom's for a long while, some RSS feedbacks are what keep me updated on other forums :) registered onto 15 forums, now just active on 5.
  11. Wow your busy, i could not keep track of all of it, i have problems keeping up with one forum
  12. It wasn't Tom's, it was another; either Xtremesystems.org or Overclock.net. I don't recall which and it's been some time ago. I usually just peruse them to keep up on chit-chat from other forums; they typically have a bit more advanced discussions overall, but there is far more hostility towards beginners.
  13. They also have a Chrome Raystorm Prototype:

    You guys don't need a facebook to see it :P
  14. @ rubix - the only place where you won't face hostility is OCN, provided you have stuff that is overkill - I mean it! and yeah it was something along the lines of xtremesystems. Def not here on Toms, I chose the wrong words to express my post :)

    @ toolmaker - just try being updated a lil, will help with forum discussions and news :)

    @ amuffin - that chrome seems dodgy in my eyes...

    reminds me, where's modo?
  15. I'm pumped. I hope I can randomly get a few thousand dollars by the time Haswell or it's successor releases. I'm getting antsy for a MountainMods U2UFO and now these AX rads ;)
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