ATI 4850 VS NVDIA 250 GTS?

Plz help me 2 choose one !!
I have also heard that ati 4850 does have overheating problem.
I usually keep my pc on for more than 10hrs so will ati take it ??
And are there any such problems with 250gts ??
I got an intel mobo DG41RQ, so will ati be friendly with intel ?
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  1. 4850 doesn't have overheating problems.

    The standard 4850 model will run a few degrees hotter than the GTS250, but nothing significant. You can run it 24/7 and it'll be fine...both cards go into the 70s-80s 'C and can withstand up to the upper 90s 'C before failure.

    Get whatever is cheaper.
  2. I'd lean slightly toward the 250GTS, but honestly, I don't think you'll notice a heck of a lot of difference.

    The 4800 series is known for generating a good amount of heat, but it's nothing to worry about if you don't have other issues such as a motherboard or case with an odd configuration that impedes airflow. It also gets progressively less troublesome as you go down the list; 4890s run hot, 4870s run a little less hot, and I've not heard of a lot of problems with 4850s.

    If it makes you feel any better, I have a 4870 and a Q9950 chip in my main gaming machine, and there have been days where it's played Dragon Age and Crysis for several hours at a time with no heat issues whatsoever.

    Also, what are the rest of your system specs? There are so many cards on the market that there may be better suited cards for you than the 4850 or 250GTS in any case.
  3. The perform almost exactly the same so whichever is cheaper like bsd said.
  4. Find a brand with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. XFX is pretty good in the warranty and service department and IMO better than EVGA.
  5. If u choose XFX remember to register... :)
  6. Check here to see if the games you played are supported by PhysX:

    Go for the GTS250 if this is the case.
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