5770 pricing.

What do you guys think the pricing on the 5770 will do in the next two months ? I wont be switching off from my laptop to my desktop until febuary so I will run off the 790gx 3300 till then.

Should I just lay down the $160 and get one now or do you think it will drop a fair amount?
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  1. Go for it if you can get one for $160 which is quite cheap compared to $180 at Newegg.
  2. its unlikely to drop for a while. they are selling well, and still new.
  3. I don't see the price dropping that soon either. 160.00 is a good price for that card so I would go ahead and pick one up. If you can hold out I don't think you have much to loose. If you are real tight on the dollar it could pay to wait.

    Its a gamble really, the price could slightly go up if supply runs short or the price could drop a few more bucks but I wouldn't expect much of a drop at best...
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