Is Mushkin 1GB DDR2 memory compatible with AMD Athlon x2 245

My dad had brought a new CPU with:-
Processor- AMD Athlon x2 245
Mainboard- MSI GF 6100
Memory- Mushkin 1GB DDR2
I'm not really good on PC. I need some help here to find out the 3 things above is it compatible. Because on the very 1st time i used it, the internet explore can't be opened because of the wrong connection settings that i can't change.
But mozila firefox can be open & use.
The main BIG problem is it HANGS a lot & every time i have 2 end the task to resume it. (I only opened 2 tabs in a time & nothing else is loading)

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  1. what windows it usin?

    is it the latest firefox?

    are any conflicting addons installed?

    does this happen in any other programs?
  2. are talking about MSI GF615m-p33? If so that is a DDR3 board and it wont work...



    Which is the same but it uses DDR2 and is am2+/am3
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