Cant get My Graphics card to display at all

Hello, i have a dell dimension xps gen 2 tower with radeon 9800 xt just purchased a radeon 3650 hd i follwed the normal proc. disabled the old card uninstalled drivers shut down pulled power installed new card and get nothing [ card is agp 2.0 ] not sure what the 9800 is know it is 8x but not sure if it is 1.5 ] any advice i have tried everything i know possible wont even load the dell screen but can stick old card back in and get the dell screen of course the picture is horrible cause no driver for card anymore just gen. win driver removed those generics and tried process again and still no pic do i need different card or am i just retarded
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  1. 460 w power supply everything else is stock you can see all here
  2. clean the slot it came from it may help, and make sure you have the aux power connector plugged in etc
  3. clean as in blow it out and yes have connected my four prong pwrcable
    could it be a bad card?
  4. All Clean Nothing no picture no video using generic monitor working with old card just not with new one
  5. Not sure what you are trying to say.

    But if you computer works with your old card (what kind?) and not with your new video card, you have one of two problems. Assuming everything is connected properly, either your new card is bad or your power supply cannot provide enough power to run your system with your new video card.
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