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For the past few days my laptop hasn't been responding, and is typing " ncb ncb ncb at random or whenever I hit the spacebar - currently using onscreen pad. It usually goes away after a whjle, but it starts each time I start my computer. Randomly windows will max/minimize, ifI hit a key it will act as if I'm holding the key down or type " ncb", I often hear the Windows "you can't do that" bump sound when hitting keys. ncRestart does not resolve the issue, and uninstalling the driver was unsuccessful many times.

I have Windows XP on an ASUS HD1000 netbook. It is about 2 years old.
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  1. Also removing the keys themselves and removing dust seemed to help at first, but now there's no change.
  2. Have you scanned for viruses/malware? Try malwarebytes.

  3. Hawkeye22,

    When the problem temporarily went away after some cleaning an infection was ruled out. In fact I just recently had to uninstall MalwareBytes because it kept running this "mbamservice" and hogging my ram.
    However I just got the keyboard replaced today and you would not believe the dust and dirt that had collected underneath. With a new keyboard everything is working perfectly - it was most likely old liquid damage finally taking its toll.

    Thank you for your help!
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