1090T stable at 4.0ghz but core temps up to 60c!

Hello, I just overclocked my 1090t to 4.0ghz along with the NB set to 2600mhz with NB volt to 1.2v. I ran Prime 95 for a full FFt 8k test. The machine seems stable so far. What worries me is that I had to push Vcore voltage to 1.55 and my core temps got to 60c in Hardware monitor. Is this a healthy set up for my processor? Or is my motherboard not able to handle it?

My specs are as follow:

CPU: Phenon X6 1090t
CPU Cooler: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus
RAM: 8gb ddr 2 800
Motherboard: Asrock A780GXE/128M
Case: NZXT Phantom PHAN-002OR with 5 fans.
PSU: Rosewill BRONZE Series RBR1000-M 1000W Continuous@40°C, 80Plus Bronze
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  1. 60 deg is fine, my 960t unlocked to 6x cores and 4ghz hits 56degC under prime95 for 20 minutes

    65degC is the worrying ceiling
  2. You had to add 1.55 v to get just to 4.0 ghz? That doesn't seem right , I would think you could get to 4.0 ghz without adding any voltage and you would have to start adding to go further. But then I don't have an AMD cpu so I could be wrong , doesn't the cpu have an unlocked multiplier that you cna change to get higher spedds?
    AMD cpu's have always been known for the ease of being overclocked where Intel has always been a challange. There are preset overclocks in Intel motherboards that will clock the cpu to a preset speed without touching anything but the setting you want. Like in an Asus board you can go to the Cpu level up and choose any of the three settings with the top one being 4.2 ghz and by just selecting that you are at 4.2 ghz and stable.
  3. ^ I am using COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus for CPU Cooling. I don't know, I have a 5 phase motherboard that isn't that good at overclocking. I know that good overclocking can be achieved with a 10 phase+ motherboard. My previous stable overclock that lasted more than a year was at 3.8ghz with 1.45v Vcore and 2000mhz NB at default NB voltage. The temps would go up to 46c on prime 95. I just decided to push things a little further this time around, now that I had a new case and cpu cooler.

    I am still worried though, are these settings safe? Will they damage my processor?
  4. Hi inzone, 1.55 to get 4ghz is quite normal for an AMD cpu. The can command some big volts, but relatively low temperatures with even entry level coolers.

    Speaking of which, OP you obviously aren't using the stock cooler are you?
  5. If you only ran through one round of prime 95 I wouldn't consider it stable. I don't think the voltage increase is worth 200MHz either. What happens if the ambient temp rises?

    What are your temps if you go back to 3.8? Check those to see if you can a cooling problem/bad heatsink setup. I don't think The hyper 212 is really capable of handling that voltage though
  6. At 3.8 my idle temps are 26c and 46c at full load. At 4.0 my iddle temps are at 30c and 60c at full load... My hyper 212 is has 2 fans and is set on a push pull configuration.

    There is one thing however, I have never been able to max my processor unless I am running prime 95. No game out there maxes out my cpu usage, video rendering doesn't do it either. So is it ok to keep this set up if I am very unlikely to reach 100% cpu on regular basis?
  7. Actually i got my Phenom II 980 up to 4ghz on stock voltage
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    that right x4 and X6 different .... 4ghz X6 usually most user at 1.52v-1.55v, like me :1.52v at 4ghz ... if oc disabled 2cores (X4) the vcore at 1.42v ... just suggestion for OP .. for dailly using use 1.44-1.45v for long lifetime ... i think 1.44-1.45 get 1.37ghz - 1.39ghz .
  9. My 1045t (X6) is running at 3.401Ghz with only 1.344v under full load. That's the good news.

    The bad news is that it needs 1.424v to stabilize @ 3.46Ghz.
  10. why 3.46?
  11. Rockdpm said:
    why 3.46?

    Because 3.5 only "pretends" to be stable. (BSOD about 1.5 hrs into prime 95) So it can get stable between 3.4 and 3.5 but it's too much voltage for too little gain. I just run it at 3.4 and enjoy low voltages and temps.
  12. henydiah said:
    that right x4 and X6 different .... 4ghz X6 usually most user at 1.52v-1.55v, like me :1.52v at 4ghz ... if oc disabled 2cores (X4) the vcore at 1.42v ... just suggestion for OP .. for dailly using use 1.44-1.45v for long lifetime ... i think 1.44-1.45 get 1.37ghz - 1.39ghz .

    I can't disable cores in BIOS... I think I will go back to 3.8ghz and leave the NB at 2600ghz, my ram score went up from 7.6 to 7.9 in windows experience index, but the processor remained at 7.6 even after the 200mhz increase. The gains and the increased temps are not worth it, plus like you said, I might end up shortening the life of my processor, unless anyone can assure me that those temps are safe or that I am doing something wrong.
  13. Its your chipset that holds you back man
  14. Rockdpm said:
    Its your chipset that holds you back man

    You mean my mobo is holding me back?
  15. No, you're northbridge chipset speed.

    If you're taking off to 2.6, can you please make sure your northbridge has adequate cooling
  16. FWIW...I have the same proc, same cooler, but ASUS M4A78 Plus mobo. I hit 4.0ghz via the multiplier but had to increase voltage +1.5 (my mobo has limited options). I'd say it's 95% stable. Works great mostly but crashed once. I don't think I hit 60 deg though.

    I'm using Arctic Cooling compound.
  17. Yea i guess your motherboard. but your motherboard still relies on a good chipset and it determines how well you overclock... Like my 990FX is putting my Phenom II 980 to 4ghz without me having to modify any other setting including voltage. Right now, my voltage for vcore is at 1.452v and my temps for cpu is 34c (avg:37) and my mobo is 26c, my vctore temps are 37 and 34 my nb is 32. Usually temps are a little higher after gaming. but i even know a guy with a 975 that went to 4ghz stock voltage on the 990x (Not FX) and he backed off to 3.8 due to some unstable issues. But hes running 3.8 just fine. I check 3dmark11 and there is people that got 5GHZ out of a phenom II x6. So its possible. You just have to have the right hardware backing it up
  18. Indeed, 5ghz from a phenom x6................ O_O I wish, but my mobo/cooler wouldn't support it.. My chip may though.. gone to 4.2 @ 1.55v, 60degC, but not stable after 10mins prime95
  19. What CPU Cooler do you have?
  20. Hyper 212 evo
  21. no wonder your temps r a bit on the warm side... the hyper 212 is only for mild over clocks
  22. A but on the warm side? At 4ghz, 1.5, max is 55degC, with idle about 30. Not bad at all for a 40 buck cooler!
  23. i meant your load temps. Most any one can have a great idle temp depending on their room temp
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  25. Glad we could help you
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