Urgent Help needed...I think my Board if fried or maybe Cpu

Can anyone help.
I Need some advice
I know for a fact its my motherboard or cpu that is faulty.
It packed up a week ago.

It Powers up an all fans working but no post to bios
gfx card tested, working.. memory tested..tested psu fine (tried another one) hd tested
I have also taken out the cmos battery an left for a few hours before replaceing

Am I correct in saying though if the cpu is faulty an not the motherboard it wont beep an that would affect the other bits like memory from not beepin if not in board..

The cpu (athlon 64 x2 5000) has decent cooling an thermal paste .
Im leaning towards the motherboard being faulty but cannot rule out the cpu.
I need some advice before i end up spending money on the wrong part to replace..
I have no way of testing the cpu so i dont know whats up

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  1. Most likely the motherboard. Frys has the Intel e3300 with board for $59.99 after rebate in today's ad if you live near one ($99.99 if you order online).
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