XFX 5870 problem

I have the following configuration for my home made desktop
2 HDD Samsung at 7200 rpm, 320 gig each, OS on one of them
2 DVD writer/reader
Kandalf LCS case
Watercooled dual core 1.6 ghz
790i ultra sli motherboard also by XFX
6 gigs of ram
A recently added XFX HD 5870.
Running on Windows 7
PSU: antec toughpower 850 w
My problem: before I installed my XFX 5870, I had the exact same configuration but with a XFX 8800gt alpha dog edition. I was able to run 3dmark vantage, but I still had the ocassional driver crash. Now, my 5870 is having the same problem, but I cant run 3dmark with it either. Other graphics work fine. The first test (Jane Nash) starts loading (without saying what it is loading, just a bar), and 1 notch away from the end of the bar, it stops, crashes, and restarts my computer. Does anybody have the same problem, and have they managed to solve it?
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  1. anybody???
  2. Woahhhh~! dual core 1.6ghz with a HD5870, interesting combo. Are you using a TV as a monitor, because I am and it wouldnt let me run vantage. Could be something to do with DX10

    To be honest if everything else runs fine whats the big deal, play some games
  3. I get your point, but i forgot to mention something.
    Im doing this for a school project, to determine whether it is better to upgrade a GPU or a CPU. So I trying my old kit (dual. core and 8800 GT) with a i7 and hd 5870.
    Combinations are: dual and 8800gt
    Hd 5870 and dual
    8800 GT and I7
    Hd 5870 and I7

    I gotta get results for each using benchmarks, so ya...
  4. Any excuse to play with hardware :P

    Just leave vantage out of your tests then. Use 3dMark06 or something.
  5. anybody got the same problem??
  6. anybody??
  7. throwing it again: anybody`?
  8. I have on order a XFX 5870. I am running an older opteron 185 SLi mobo. I will advise how it works or doesn't when I get it.
  9. k ty dude
  10. I got one and installed it, It was a real pain too get all Nvida drivers out. I would do a double dose of driver cleaner pro. I have a dual boot and only got it working in Vista 64 bit so far. I downloaded the drivers from the XFX site after registering it. I never used the CD. I need more time to see if the drivers crash. It is a sweet card. Less heat then my 7800GTX sli and ageia card set up.
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